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Strike 2

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Brand: Supair




Compared to the STRIKE 1, it is more ergonomic, more comfortable and more flexible thanks in particular to an inflatable protection ( option ). It is designed for competition and leisure hike and fly pilots. It can also be the main harness for cross country pilots looking for lightness.

Ease of installation and safety with the closing of the harness on the two attachment points of the glider. The harness opens completely and closing is done directly on the carabiners without any other buckle and on only two points.

The new geometry allows better transmission from the wing to the pilot, thin and sensitive, adjustable by the chest strap.

The comfort is complete with a removable protection / comfort plate, and a geometry of the speedbag attachments that allows a natural and effortless position of the legs.
As an option, a new certified inflatable protection saves weight (65g) and especially the volume carried in the bag. Ideal for competitive hike and fly.

For landings in mountains or in turbulence, the harness can be piloted seated, legs bent, it remains manoeuvrable and comfortable.

On take-off, the run is easy (light harness with leg straps), the seated passage and the installation in the speedbag are obvious.
In flight, the adjustments and geometry of the harness allow adaptations to the morphology and flight positions of each pilot.

The STRIKE 2 has been designed to be flown with dyneema connectors as well. This lightens the material and makes the leg straps fixed as for the X-Alps harness. You will then have to put on the harness like a climbing harness. This is the “competition” mode.

The size of the STRIKE 2 has been revised, with the addition of size XL, certified up to 120 kg. This allows pilots from 1m60 to 2m to be covered with precision and a good fit.


COMPETITION MODE : 1820 g (Size M, fully equipped, ready to fly).

In this mode, the wing is attached with the connects (option), the harness is put on through the two leg straps. The back protector is the inflatable BUMP (Option). The pilot does not use the removable protection / comfort plate or the mini-seat plate.

STANDARD MODE : 2025 g (Size M, fully equipped, ready to fly).

In this mode the harness opens and closes completely on the Plum Grivel carabiners. The back protection is the original foam version. The pilot does not use removable protection / comfort plate

GREAT COMFORT MODE: 2200 g (Size M, fully equipped, ready to fly).

In this mode the harness opens and closes completely on the Plum Grivel carabiners. The back protector is the original foam version. The pilot installs the the removable protection / comfort plate for added comfort.


A – Reserve parachute pocket
B – Storage pocket
  • New closure system, without buckle, directly in the carabiners. No need to put on the right leg as on the STRIKE 1, while keeping the safety of the natural two-point closure. Only one point closed: the harness is secure.
  • New more sensitive geometry. The harness transmits better (a little more unstable) and the steering is more precise.
  • The riser sheath of the parachute bag is fully integrated: the risers are in the sheath all the way into the bag.
  • New geometry of the speedbag settings. The legs are supported in flight.
  • New geometry of the harness allowing a more reclined flight position, with a center of gravity further back .
  • The harness is more resistant: certified up to 120 kg instead of 100 kg . Reinforcements on the reserve parachute riser attachments.
  • Sizes revised with addition of size XL. This allows pilots from 1m60 to 2m to be covered with precision and a good fit.

The STRIKE 2 is a very light harness. It has been reinforced compared to the STRIKE 1, however all uses outside the flight domain are liable to wear out the harness prematurely. SIVs are not recommended with this harness.
The STRIKE 2 is a harness intended for experienced pilots, and we do not recommend it as a first cocoon harness.


Hike & Fly competition
Upright to semi-reclined posture
For skilled and advanced pilots


Bumpair Strike 2
Front mounted rescue container and riser parachute connections to the shoulders
Auto-stable Split-Leg seat
2-point closure of the harness on the carabiners
Grivel Plum carabiners

Gear / comfort

Removable carbon fiber mini-seat plate
Integrated speedbag
Double stage light speed-bar/accelerator adapted to the Speedbag
Speedbag footrests with carbon plate
Instrument support on the top of the reserve parachute container
Pre-equipped for hydration system
20 mm diameter Zelden pulleys.


Dorsal storage pocket
Speedbag lateral pocket
Ballast pocket under the front of the seat
Pocket under the cockpit


Shoulder straps adjustments
Chest strap adjustments
Backrest adjustments with additional lumbar support
Speedbag length adjustments
Speedbag inclination adjustments


Nylon 210D Ripstop
Nylon 40d
Sangle Dyneema


Norme LTF
Norme EN



Pilot size (cm) 155/170 165 /185 175 /195 185-205

Pilot weight (mini – maxi) (kg) 50 – 80 60 – 85 70 – 110 80-120

Harness weight (standard mode) (g)

A Back lenght (cm) 58 65 68 72
B Back inclination adjustment (cm) 34,5 36,5 39 41
C Seat length (cm) 45 45 47 47
D Seat width (cm) 33 33 35 35
E Carabiners height (cm) 40 40 42 44
F Carabiners distance (cm) 38-46 38-46 40-48 40-48
G Speedbag length (cm) 91 96 103 108

Certification EN 1651 : 1999 EN 1651 : 1999 EN 1651 : 1999 EN 1651 : 1999

Reserve pocket maximum volum ( Litres) 4,5 L 4,5 L 4,75 L 4,75 L
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